Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louvre at First Sight

My first night here, my girlfriend,  Anna -yes, she has a name, and I decided we would go (of course) to the Eiffel Tower.  We took the metro, which although smelling of a fine mix between puke and piss (is that what Eau de Toilette means?) was a refreshingly -not in smell, efficient way to get around a big city.  It was here that I discovered (or rather was shown) Paris' respect and love for chiens (not chaud). I'm pretty sure there's no other city in the world where people are giving "the dog a bone" -or seat in this case, but in Paris it is the norm. Taking photographs of said dog however, definitely a faux paw (pun-intended) as this was also my first encounter with a pissed-off Frenchman....leave a dog alone.

Upon exiting the Metro at the Opera station, we encountered the Louvre in all its incredible glory. I cannot emphasize the words "incredible" or "glory" anymore.  At night, the Louvre is something of awe as it is lit up in a shower of golden lights. Unbelievable in its majesty and size, it's astonishing to think that this was someone's abode at one time (...ah, so that's why taxes were invented!) 

Walking around, you can't help but feel inspired (and retarded) by the history of both the edifice itself and the artifacts it has within its belly (side-note: it's been said that it would take 90 000 hours just to glance at everything in the museum...we'll save the insides for another blog or two...or 90 000). To boot, there was a man playing some melancholy Saxophone, adding a resonating soundtrack thru-out the fortress.

Needless to say, or maybe not, we never made it to the Eiffel Tower that night. To take another bite of amazingness would have been too much for our mental stomachs. However, to take a bite of a delicious crepe (they those in Paris?) adorned in a sultry chocolate syrup would do just fine. So we hopped over the Siene and stepped into a quint-essential French Bistro for some coffee & dessert (all for the low cost of about 40 bucks! No coupon necessary!)

Our minds and bellies full, Anna and I headed home for the night, but not without getting lost at least a half dozen times, routing our way thru the myriad of tiny streets which criss-cross thru the heart of Paris. Every missed turn became a photo opportunity tho, a relic, one could only assume was from the middle ages. Either that, or just another old Creperie.


  1. Dan the Man! Loving the blog and the photos! Keep them coming. Live the dream bro!

  2. Hi dan
    great blog! I smell a movie deal.Keep it up.